Monday, February 26, 2018

Golf’s Magic - Powerful and Unexpected

Golf’s Magic - Powerful and Unexpected

It only took a few days to see the magic is back.

The Magic of Golf - Powerful and Unexpected


It's always good get things going. It's fun to see the course shaping up all ready after some nurturing sunshine and release of snow's winter blanket. We're looking forward to a great summer ahead.

After less than a week we've been reminded again of how exciting it will be to see the 'magic' of the golf course unfold. What's the 'magic'?

Golf Course Magic

The magic of the golf course, the magic that we've been privileged to see as a family for nearly 50 years, is the way it brings people together. There is just something about golf, the pace, the feeling of being outside, the opportunity for solitude or companionship (depending how one is feeling that day).

Golf helps us slow down. Golf provides time for clearing our head, catching our breath, and catching up.

While technology continues to speed life up, connecting us every second of every day to life's demands, golf beckons us to unplug for a few timeless minutes. While email, tweets, status updates, and text messages continue to pull us back to life's urgent activities, golf draws us into moments of lasting connections and humble courtesy.

Golf - Game of Integrity and Humility

You keep your own score, penalize yourself, defer to someone in your group who is furthest from the whole. Golf is a game of friendly competition where two competitors today can be partners tomorrow and where handicaps attempt to level the playing field for everyone. Time on the golf course draws the best out of us, when we'll let it.

Age is No Barrier

Golf welcomes young and old. Golf brings generations together, build relational bridges, and provides time and space to connect and reconnect the days, weeks, months, or years.

The golf course is a magical place. It's magic is the best kind - powerful and unexpected.

It only took a few days, a few welcoming smiles, a few laughs in the clubhouse after the seasons' first round to remind us what a privilege it has been to have front row seats to the magic show for nearly half a century.

We're so excited for you to join us and experience this season's magic for yourself.